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Fifty years have passed since Landsvirkjun was established and we have focused on utilising the nation’s resources in a sustainable manner since the beginning.

We are committed to generating energy in harmony with the environment and society and we work according to the principles of sustainable development. We achieve this via active dialogue and participation in cooperative projects with our stakeholders.

The Company uses renewable energy to generate electricity but our operations are accompanied by unavoidable disturbance to the natural environment and to the ecosystem. We are therefore obligated to tread carefully and to operate with efficiency, consensus and sustainability as guiding principles.

We place an emphasis on supporting open and informed discussion and on sharing information with regard to our challenges and successes in environmental matters.

Our Environmental Policy was reviewed in 2015. We place an emphasis on recognising the environmental impact of our operations and seek out solutions in  reducing them.

Iceland is rich in natural resources and such precious resources are accompanied by a great deal of responsibility. The battle against climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We are a part of this planet and must be responsible enough to assess our position in a global context. Iceland’s utilisation of renewable energy resources has been its main contribution to the battle against climate change.

Landsvirkjun has an important role to play in supporting sustainable energy generation. The World’s ecosystems are already under threat and we must embrace the opportunity to set an example by reducing GHG emissions and to share our experience and expertise in utilising renewable energy sources.

Hörður Arnarson
CEO of Landsvirkjun